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Friends of Old Historic Balmville School

Delete this post Submitted by Michael J. Hernandez NFA Cl-73 <> on 07/Aug/2016 in reply to Friends of Old Historic Balmville School posted by Michael J. Hernandez NFA Cl-73 on 26/Jul/2016


From: MSgt. Michael J. Hernandez, USMC (Ret.)
To: The Friends of the "Old Balmville School ~ 1897"

Ref: (a). Times Herald Record Newspaper / Balmville to demolish 'new' school - Oct. 17, 2007.
(b). Message Board Entry: "Old Balmville School" & "Old Historic Balmville".

1. Regarding the Subject matter, In accordance with the References that's listed above, I'd like very much to Communicate to you, that "We the People" posses a certain trait: "Empowerment" that can "Energize us to Push for Change(s)" that could revitalize the Old Balmville School. This trait is only as effective, as you are able and willing to put it into practice, realistically, and stay the course, go the distance for what it's all worth, and finish it completely.

Please allow me to remind each and everyone of You and your Families, and Friends, about certain Officials who are a "Public Servant", that they serve the Citizens through a Public Service, by providing sound LEADERSHIP through effectiveness, which it is their sole purpose: "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" through Authority, Accountability and Responsibility! "We the People" Do Not serve these so-called Public Officials from within the Newburgh Enlarged City School District: Board of Education, in any way, shape or by any way of means. However, the Citizens of the Newburgh Schools District, do in fact, appropriate its funding, that's formally known as their "Operational Budget" (OpBud), with their 'Hard-Earned Tax Dollars' $$$ and then some!

2. "We the People", who possess the Authority, are their Bosses, and they are Accountable and Responsible to the Citizens who are taxpayers, at all times, regardless; a Fact that's not Negotiable! Certain bodies from within the Newburgh Board of Education throughout its school district, have a tendency to stifle the Citizens, by publicizing to everyone: "What's primarily best for them", rather than listen to the people first, by being approachable, and then allow the Citizens to Communicate to these Public Officials, "what's best for everyone, collectively".

What are the Effective Mechanisms for addressing our concerns regarding our interest through the changes that need to be effectively implemented regarding the Unacceptable practices on the part of "The Powers that Be"- the Office of the Superintendent and the Board of Directors of the Newburgh Board of Education, while conducting its business lacking "Total Quality Leadership" to the Citizens who are having to bare the brunt of the mess, regarding the "Old Balmville School", that this historic site is in? Does this situation happen to stem from being a case of "Gross Negligence" through "Dereliction of Duty"? We should never ever Back Down, nor Roll Over for them whatsoever because they think that they, "The Powers that Be" are "Never Wrong", acting as if they're a "Rogue State Malitia" and Invincible, by "KOWTOWING and/ or CAPITULATING" to them! I'll tell you this, and that is: "These Officials are way short of being RIGHT" when it comes down to the "Brass tactics" regarding the actual needs of the people who are the Tax Payers, while conducting the "Peoples Business". As usual, it apparently seems to be the 'Blow n Go' mode': "Their Actions don't match their Deeds"!

3. Our Constitutional Rights under the First Amendment, grant us the "Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom of the Press" etc. We also have our Legal Right(s), to the full Protection against Reprisals and/ or Retaliation, under the WHISTLE BLOWER Law(s)! "Silence is Consent", and to do nothing and sit back and ignore this extremely "Serious and Volatile Every Day Issue(s)", rather than do something, realistically, "is a total FAILURE due to a lack of WILL" - a Travesty'!
It is time for "All of US", if we really and truly are the "Friends of the Old Balmville School", to finally "Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up and Speak Up" by displaying the Courage, Loyalty, Commitment, Confidence, Style, and the Moral Character to remind ALL of the Officials of the Newburgh Board of Education, commencing there at 124 Grand Street and/or at 20 Chestnut Street in the City of Newburgh, N.Y., a FACT of Life and clear the "Table of Taboo", regarding our concerns

"To Push For Change(s) and Reverse its plan(s) to demolish the "Old Balmville School ~ 1897":


4. "The Old Balmville School ~ 1897 is the Peoples School" which in fact is a "Historical Site"; the main rail of the true meaning of the words: "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" through its definition.

"The Peoples Business" must never ever have to take a back seat to "Personal Interest" and/ or "Special Interest", regardless! It is about more than just Short-sightedness: "Urban Removal" vice "Urban RENEWAL". It is about having a Vision with an infinite amount of Pride, Fortitude, and Respect for our Heritage through the History that made the "Old Balmville School", and preserve the legacy it is: "The Delano's of Algonac" and Our beloved late "President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States of America", and has been since its very beginning from back in 1897.

It must never ever be jeopardized through compromise for compensation with regards to a "Fictional time-table completion"! I would strongly urge each and everyone, to take the opportunity by making the time, to contact the elected Political Leaders whose Districts include Newburgh and Town of Newburgh areas, and they happen to be

New York State Senator Wm. Larkin Jr. who can be contacted @ (845) 567-1270/ (518) 455-2770 and also

U.S. Rep. Sean P. Maloney that can be contacted @ (845) 561-1259/ (202) 225-5441, and let them both know that

"We the People" have a very important and vital message for them, and that is:

Semper Fi. End of text. Hernandez USMC sends.

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