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Old BALMVILLE School - 1897", "Delano Family of Algonac", "U.S. President F.D.R."

Delete this post Submitted by Michael J. Hernandez <> on 17/Sep/2016 in reply to Friends of Old Historic Balmville School posted by Michael J. Hernandez NFA Cl-73 on 26/Jul/2016



"WE who are the Friend(s) of the "Old Balmville School ~ 1897" Need to have a CONVERSATION"
via telcon/ E-gram, so that we could put our "Thoughts together" and generate a PLAN IRT this future Historical Landmark"!!!

From: MSgt. Michael J. Hernandez USMC (Ret.)

To: "The Friends of the Old Balmville School ~ 1897"

Ref: (a). "BALMVILLE set to demolish New School" (

(b). "Preliminary Structural Assessment of Old Balmville School, Newburgh, N.Y. of 30 Oct. 2007, Ryan-Biggs

Project # 9288".

(c). / Message Board Entry(s).

1. Be Advised: First things first: THANK YOU So Very Much for your sincere interest and prompt attention to this significant historic matter. If you should decide to approach or contact the City of Newburgh Board of Education, @ tel.# (845) 563-3400, to conduct an Inquiry by challenging this Body of Officials IRT the Subj matter, then I would strongly urge you to address the facts from the above listed References (a) and (b), that is provided as an "Essential Element of Information" (EEI) which could support your initiative. Hopefully, We'll be able to captivate the undivided Attention and Interest of this Agency, IRT this Historical Landmark and get it to grant the approval of releasing this Property, as a "Good Samaritan" to "Whomever this May Concern" for a complete "Clean Up, Restoration, and Preservation" - minus any $$$$$ transaction(s)!!!

2. This historic structure that was constructed back in 1897, does not nor should not be demolished, whatsoever, beyond a "Reason and/ or Shadow of Doubt"!!! Let's be mindful of "Urban RENEWAL" vice "Urban Removal".

It's totally imprudent on the part of the Newburgh Board of Education, of being totally "Grossly Negligent" that stems from "Dereliction of Duty", flagrantly and intentionally, failing to provide the adequate maintenance and upkeep of this Historical School Building from within its Operational Budget (OpBud); there is a sufficient amount of $$$ to allocate to this facility beyond a "Reason of and/ or a Shadow" of doubt! What we all collectively need to, and must do, and that is to "Save this piece of American History" because there are alternative resources available to support its needs; We have a "Mission to Accomplish" by "Achieving this Objective" - a Fact that's not Negotiable!!!

I am now in receipt of the copy of the "Structural Engineers Report", that I had recently received from the Office of the Newburgh Board of Education; having full and/ or complete possession of this Report that was conducted by "Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C." of Troy, N.Y., who apparently was sub-contracted by "Collins & Scoville Architects, P.C" of Newburgh, N.Y.

The Inspection that was performed on the "Old Balmville School~1897", occurred on 30 Oct. 2007, under RYAN-BIGGS Project # 9288 via the COLLINS & SCOVILLE Demolition/ Report # 07PR05842.

CONCLUSIONS: (a). "Overall, the building structure generally appears to be in sound and stable condition"!!!

(b). "Based upon of the observation(s) of the roof framing, the structure shows no obvious signs of structural distress or imminent failure of the roof framing"!!!

(c). "It is structurally feasible to renovate the building for future use"!!!

3. The (?'s) that seriously needs to be put "Front and Center": "What recourse of action" is the Newburgh Board of Education planning on, and/ or willing to take to remedy this significant matter"? Per the Reference (a)., "The Plan to Demolish" is totally Unacceptable and then some!!! Let's be mindful of the fact that the"Old piece of Estate w/ the Old Castle Ruins" down there on the Hudson River, that's well known as "Bannerman's Island" and the "Old Newburgh Rail Road Station" in downtown Newburgh, N.Y., was Doable for "Restoration and Preservation"!!!

Per the Finding(s) of Ref: (b). - Then Why not Get the "Old Balmville School ~ 1897" tagged to become another "Historical Landmark" on the National Registry that's also Doable, to be amongst the "Balmville Tree", "Old Balmville Cemetary" (Desmond Estate), and the "Powelton Club" of the "Old Historic Balmville"???

"WE who are the Friend(s) of the "Old Balmville School ~ 1897" Need to have a CONVERSATION" via telcon/ E-gram, so that we could put our "Thoughts together" and generate a PLAN IRT this future Historical Landmark;

"The (5) W's & (1) H"!!! Be Safe, Each & Everyone, Always! Semper Fi. End of text.

Respectfully, Michael J. Hernandez USMC

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