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NFA Sororities

Delete this post Submitted by Janelle Cleary <> on 12/Nov/2022


Does anyone remember being pledged for Alpha or Gamma Sorority during the years 1963 - 1966?

I have been trying to find information on the chapters but have had no luck thus far. I do know that sororities were active when my mother was at NFA 1939-1942, as she was Gamma, and so was I. I think there were other Gammas whose mothers were also sorors.

There were weeks spent pledging, or being dogged, on B’way, at games, in the halls, at slumber parties, and graveyards on Hell Night. Pretty sure the administration dissolved the chapters shortly after ‘66. They weren’t really thrilled with us.

If anyone has any information about the Greek affiliations and the history at NFA, please let me know.

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